Jazz界のカリスマ、Sax奏者のCharlie Parkerの代表曲をカバー。
re os – Reo Matsumotoによるクールなbeatと安らぎのHand Pan、そしてMONKYのアレンジによるホーンセクションが、この曲に新たな息吹を吹き込んでいます。

その音源をHiroyuki Sanadaが丁寧にミックス&マスタリング。

Confirmation→堅信礼をイメージして作成したポップなアートワークはMasayuki Shinha



Jazz/Hip Hop

Release Date:2022.7.28

”Confirmation ”   (4:56)


MONKY:Flute,Soprano Sax,Alto Sax,Tenor Sax,Baritone Sax,


re os – REO MATSUMOTO:Beats ,Hand Pan

Composed by Charlie Parker
Produced by MONKY
Recorded by MONKY
Recorded at B.Y.G
Mixed and Mastered by Hiroyuki Sanada
(Silver Trash Can Studio NYC USA)

Artwork By Masayuki Shinha
(Cetana Works.)


【Music Description】

A cover of Jazz charismatic saxophonist Charlie Parker’s signature tune.
re os – cool beats and soothing hand pans by Reo Matsumoto, and a horn section arranged by MONKY brings the new life into this song.
The sound source was carefully mixed and mastered by Hiroyuki Sanada.
The result is a high-quality sound that is suitable for both listening and floor use.
The pop artwork, created with the image of Confirmation, is by Masayuki Shinha.

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