MONKYのソウルフルなSAXに、Akoya Afrobeat EnsembleのドラマーYoshio Tony Kobayashiとベーシスト髙橋 “Jr.” 知治が織りなす温かいGroove。



Release Date:2022.1.12

”MOJITO & BONITA”   (5:51)


MONKY:Alto Sax
Takumi Kaneko:Keyboard
Tomoharu “Jr.” Takahashi:Bass
Yoshio Tony Kobayashi:Drums

Composed & Produced by MONKY
Recorded by MONKY
Recorded at B.Y.G 
Mixed and Mastered by Hiroyuki Sanada
(Silver Trash Can Studio NYC USA)
Artwork By Masayuki Shinha(Cetana Works)

【Music description】

The warm grooves of Monky’s soulful saxophone, together with “Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble” drummer Yoshio Tony Kobayashi and “Shinji Miyake Band” bassist Tomoharu”Jr” Takahashi.

“cro-magnon” keyboardist Takumi Kaneko’s colorful harmonies add warmth, while IZPON’s percussion adds a positive vibrancy to this dance tune.

The song, which is based on the memories of MONKY’s trip to Cuba, is a refreshing Brazilian fusion with images of the ocean and paradise.



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